Friday, February 4, 2011


We are now less than a week away from our appointment.  BJ said to me last night that it can't get here quickly enough.  There are several things up in the air right now that are hinging on whether or not we move forward with the shared risk program.  The trip is one of those things.  As is a pool.  A pool is something we both have wanted for a very long time.  We picked our lot based on the backyard.  BJ has given up his dream of an in ground paradise pool since he learned how expensive it was going to be.  He has thrown himself into finding a nice enough (by his terms) above ground pool that will "do".  We know that we will enjoy a pool for years to come.  The trip will leave us with great memories (hopefully) but it will be over in a week.  We have not gotten our taxes done yet, either.  Not because we are lazy but because we are still waiting for his W2's.  His company is always late with them and it drives me crazy.  Once we get our taxes done we will know better where we stand with our plans.  Unfortunately, it looks like the trip will have to be scratched from our plans.  We can't have EVERYTHING, right?

In the mean time we are dealing with the Little Guy getting another cold.  He came home early on Wednesday and I stayed home with him yesterday.  He slept very late and then just chilled for the day.  He's on the mend and I hope his mother puts him to bed at a decent hour tonight so that he can continue to get well.  She has a habit of letting him stay up until 12:00 or 1:00 in the morning when he doesn't have school.  Makes me (and BJ) crazy.  Not to mention the affect on the LG.  But that is a post for another day.  He has a basketball game tomorrow afternoon and he's playing against his cousin.  How he feels and how well he is will determine if we have them all over for dinner tomorrow night.  I hope they come over, I'm going to make lasagna for everyone.

The pregnant neighbor is having a baby shower.  This is her 3rd child but I guess since the youngest is 6 they figured this was ok.  I actually bought something for her and I might even go.  I don't want to but I don't have a real reason not to.  I was joking with the LG when the invitation was delivered and I told him that I think I'm busy that day and that I don't normally go to baby showers.  He said, "I bet I know why you don't want to go."  And I asked him to enlighten me.  And he said, "because you want one."  And I said to him "you're right, that could be why I don't want to go".  He's a smart cookie.  This was not an "oops" baby, but still.  I have not been to a baby shower in years and I'm not looking forward to it.

We are having the neighbors over (yes the pregnant one) on Sunday for the Big Game.  The other neighbors (the childless ones that I think can't have kids) have other plans.  Rick and Leslie (the trip neighbors) said they will probably stop by.  A small crowd is nice.  And it's less food I have to make.  I know I will be staring at her belly the whole time, hoping she doesn't see me.  She's 34 weeks so there is no hiding it.  It's like a car don't mean to stare but you can't help it.


Alex said...

I love that both you and BJ are anxious for your appointment. I have such high hopes! Good luck hanging with Prego lady... I do the same thing, cannot take my eyes off of the bellies...

callmemama said...

I do the same thing with pregnant bellies! I. just. can't. look. away. Don't mind the crazy infertile, lol :).
I keep telling Hubby when we move to New Mexico, we are either buying a house with a pool or we're putting one in. NO MATTER WHAT. I loved swimming almost every day in the summer as a kid, and I miss it! Plus, I want our kids to be swimmers too, and the only way to do that is regular access to a pool.
Sorry about having to cancel the trip :(. It definitely is hard sometimes to have to make those kinds of choices...but hopefully you'll be so excited about being pregnant pretty soon that you'll forget all about the trip :).
Aww, so sweet that BJ is excited!
Hope you have a fun time tomorrow...despite the pregnant lady around.

someday-soon said...

Sorry the trip will have to wait. It's always hard to fit in all the wants to the budget. The pool will rock. If you don't want to go to your neighbors shower you totally shouldn't. Not necessary to put yourself through that. Hope your gathering for the big game goes great!