Friday, February 18, 2011

Get This and Seriously??

The Little Guy brought home a project assignment the other day.  The project is to create a family timeline that should include things about the child and his family that had an impact on the family...things like babies or moving or anything that would be important to a child.  I told the LG to start the project Tuesday with his mother because she knows the dates of events/things for her side of the family.  That and I'm tired of her leaving all/most of his projects for us to work on because she's just too busy.  Whatever.  She gets off work at 4:30 and lives 5 minutes do you NOT have time for these things?  Sorry, got off track.  Anyway...the LG forgot (said he didn't know I meant to start it Tuesday, just sometime this week, kids.  smile.) to start the project with her.  I e-mailed her about it yesterday.  This is our weekend with him so they only had last night to do it since it's due Wednesday and we have him Monday night, too.  I was walking to the bus and my phone rang.  It was her.  She said she was having problems with his timeline.  She could only think of things like his grandmother dying and his 3 open heart surgeries and that those things were just so depressing.  If she had bothered to read the guidelines she never would have had to call me and I'm sure it killed her to do so.  So I mention things like when his aunt got married and how that gave him an uncle...what about the birth of his cousins on her side...what about when Mel (grandfather's girlfriend) came into their life?  Things like that.  How about the start of his academic career with Kindergarten?  Can you believe that she turned to ME for all of this?  I don't usually pat myself on the back for much but I must admit this situation had me reaching around pretty quickly to do just that.  How could she not think of positive things in his life?  And how cool is it that I CAN and that she turned to ME for this?  Ok, I need to put my humble hat back a little carried away.

And seriously...I was on the treadmill this morning and CNN was on the TV.  There was another lady down there so she had the TV up pretty loud.  I had my headphones in because I prefer to listen to music than news.  Victoria Beckham was being interviewed by some lady.  My song ended and before the next one started I heard Victoria say "if this one isn't a girl then maybe my next one will be."  And the reporter looks as though she's just heard that the world is, in fact, flat and says..."your next one??? you'll have 4, how many do you want??"  I was floored.  I said, out loud, "as many as she wants!"  What the hell?  Is this lady the baby police?  Does it irk me to no end that some people can pop babies out like Pez dispensers?  Hell yeah!  That does not mean that I think they should be regulated.  My main concern about human Pez dispensers is whether or not they have the means to provide a healthy environment for their children.  It pisses me off when people have babies and they can't afford them and the taxpayers have to pick up the tab.  I know that people fall on hard times, this is not what I'm referring to.  If millionaires want to have 20 babies, let them.  At least I know that they will have food and shelter and heat in the winter.  The people that have babies just so they can collect more welfare money should be the ones that reporters go around attacking.  How dare she act that way on national TV?  Who gives her the right to question how many children a woman wants?  The next song started playing and I didn't hear the rest of the interview.  I'm glad because what I did hear royally pissed me off.  Seriously.


Anonymous said...

Gah, that reporter would piss me off too. People's reproductive choices are their own - no one else should have any input. You want only 1 kid? Fine! You want 12? Fine! If you're happily married, can support them, and aren't abusive, then why the hell do people care?! Big families used to be the norm (and my family wouldn't even call 4 kids big).
It's like having kids is expected by society, but God forbid you have "too many". My mom used to get some really horrible comments when all 6 of us were out with her - and we were all well-behaved!
And good for you for being on top of things with LG's project. That would make me feel pretty good too :).

someday-soon said...

LG is lucky to have you! Sounds like his BM can't focus on anything sad for her and for LG =(

There is no end to peoples stupid irks me too!

Alex said...

You're such a good step-mom to BJ... You should definitely give yourself a big pat on the back for that!

Anonymous said...

You go girl! So glad that you are so in tune with the LG's life that you could provide better input to his timeline than his bio mommy! What an awesome step-mom you must be - I have one of those and I can tell you they make dealing with split parents so easy. Yah for you!