Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beginning of the 2ww

We had a good weekend. Friday night was not a scrapping night for me as I decided to go down to Rick and Leslie's with BJ. I had a few glasses of wine and played Wii with Leslie while BJ played pool with Rick. We made it an early night because Leslie had to work early Saturday morning. BJ agreed to go to the shed place with Rick Saturday and then head over to the farmer's market/flea market. The weather was pleasant and we walked and browsed and came home with some tomatoes and some good apples. Then we went to lunch with Rick. Rick is 50 but I don't think he looks his age. The waitress brought over the check and gave it to Rick. The thought running through my head was that she figured he was our dad. BJ pulled out his wallet and we paid with our card and took cash from Rick. When she came back, she handed the slip to Rick again! Later, BJ told me that he was going to call Rick "dad" but didn't want to offend him. It's funny that he and I both thought the same thing about the situation.

We went to the Halloween store to get a few things to decorate the front porch. We didn't buy much but ended up spending just over $100. Sheesh! Then on Sunday, BJ washed his truck and I did some laundry and we watched football. My poor Redskins...they put up a good fight but ended up losing. I (and most everyone else) thought we'd get creamed, but they hung in there and they forced turnovers and held Peyton to just 27 points...not to shabby for a team that went 4-12 last year. I'm proud of the progress they have made as a team this year. I still love Peyton, but I was so hoping he'd lose.

I did some opk testing Friday and Saturday. Friday was very negative. Saturday afternoon's test was really close to positive so I knew that ovulation was probably going to happen Sunday. We did the deed Friday night so I knew we wouldn't be doing anything Saturday as well. I felt pretty confident that anything that was still swimming around would be ok since I was having some major ewcm. I tested Sunday morning and it looked the same as Saturday afternoon so I knew we needed to get things done soon. I tried all day to get my husband in that bed...he seems to think that sex is something we can only do at night. I started feeling the ovary pain at 5:00pm. I was finally able to get BJ into the sack around 7:00pm. My ovary hurt so bad I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to continue. I haven't felt pain like that during sex in a long time...I find it odd that I feel pain in my ovary when my ovaries have nothing to do with the actual act of sex. Strange. Anyway, BJ was oblivious and eventually the pain became tolerable so the job got done. So now I wait. And I hope. And I dream. And I imagine.

I would like to think that we timed things really good this time. Friday and Sunday with ovulation Sunday night seems pretty good, right? I sure do hope so. It's time to start analyzing everything going on in my body. I now think I don't produce enough progesterone. My temp spikes are hardly noticeable anymore. Today's temp (I usually spike 2 days after O'ing) was only a tenth of a degree higher. I hope it goes higher because I would hate to think that I have yet another obstacle against me. Infertility keeps throwing me curve balls and I can't seem to figure anything out anymore.

So here's to the 2ww!


someday-soon said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend =) Your timing couldn't get any better. Maybe another session tonight for good measure? I've read about slow rising BBT so I don't think it's unusual for it to take a few days. Hope the 2WW finds a way to speed by, GL!!!

Alex said...

Your timing is fantastic! I hope this 2WW goes by super fast!!!

Mel. said...

I think your timing sounds great!! I'll be keeping everything crossed for you! Have you thought about trying an over the counter progesterone cream if you think you don't produce enough?

Lara (NoodleGirl) said...

***Baby dust!!!***

Great timing! And if the guys only knew what we went through, pain and twinges and all, while they just have their fun...geez. Good luck!!

callmemama said...

Congrats on the perfect timing! I have ovary pain during intercourse sometimes when it's close to ovulation time.
Sorry we're not cycle buddies again this month, but glad to hear things are right on track, timing-wise :).