Thursday, April 26, 2012

Monitoring Updates

As I mentioned in a previous post, my nurse called me Friday afternoon to tell me that our donor would be starting stims on Saturday and would be coming in for her first monitoring appointment on Tuesday. She told me that she’d call me with the details.

As Tuesday afternoon arrived I started carrying my cell phone with me everywhere so as to not miss the call. And I do mean everywhere. I don’t put it in my pocket because I’d never feel it vibrate so I carry it in my hand. People must think I’m addicted to my phone. In a way, I guess I am.

I got busy at work and the call never came. I started to wonder if something was wrong. Did she not show up? Is she not responding? All sorts of scary thoughts were running through my head. As I was getting in bed, BJ told me that if something were wrong I would have received a phone call. It still did not sit well with me.

As soon as I got to work Wednesday, I e-mailed my nurse asking if everything was ok. She responded shortly with this message:

Hi TeeJay,

She was out of town yesterday (something I knew in advance) she will be in today. I’m sorry I forgot to tell you that. Nothing to worry about. I’ll update you this afternoon.


Now tell me this...why would she tell me on Friday that the donor would be in on Tuesday if she knew the donor would be out of town? Ugh. Sometimes I wonder about my nurse. Ok, she was out of town, hopefully she remembered to take her meds with her. She’s 22 and I worry about her responsibility level. Her future children are not riding on her taking those shots like clockwork. I’m trying to have faith.

Wednesday afternoon I began carrying my phone around with me again as I awaited the phone call. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. The afternoon became very busy at work because I needed to leave early to get to the LG’s baseball game. As I was getting on the bus at 4:00 I checked my personal e-mail. My nurse sent me an e-mail 2 hours prior!! So much for a phone call. I will know now to just let the phone sit and check my e-mail in the afternoon.

The good news? She has 26 follicles. They are small right now but that is ok. She goes back in tomorrow for another check. I’m hoping for some good growth at that scan. I’m also going to ask what her E2 is to give me a better idea of the condition of the eggs in those follicles. I was very excited to get that update. Tomorrow will be 7 days on stims so I think there should be some good growth by this point. It’s hard to believe that retrieval will be next week! I get butterflies just thinking about it.

The other good news? I went in for my last lining check (hopefully forever) and I’m at 9.5mm. The tech said that at this point they like to see it above 8 so I’m doing good! One of the cysts is gone and the other is really tiny so she said it’s trying to go away, too. All good news!

Things are going along so nicely...I’m nervous. I have no reason to doubt anything right now but of course the negative nelly in me is trying to come out and ruin my mood. I think it’s because there are so many intricate parts to this donor cycle than in a regular IVF. I mean, the donor has to do her thing and us 3 recipients have to do our thing and everything has to come together like the perfect storm right up to retrieval. There are so many things that could go wrong. For the most part, I’m staying positive and concentrating on the fact that we will be making a baby next week and that I will be pupo early the following week (at the latest hopefully). How crazy is that to think about? I never thought I’d be pupo again and here it is just around the corner. Wow. I’m going to do my best to keep the negative thoughts at bay because there’s so much to be hopeful for, right? I’ve been looking over the calendar and thinking about how far along I should be at certain times because we have some plans this summer...crazy to be doing that but I can’t seem to help it. See, I’m hopeful...maybe too hopeful? I want to stay positive because I think it’s the best thing for my mindset right now. Plus, I was very positive and calm last year and I really think it helped my little emby try to stick around. So I want to keep my mood even and calm this time around and hopefully we’ll get better results.

I’ll update tomorrow afternoon once I hear from my nurse...fingers crossed for good sized follies and a matching E2 number.

PS – how about my Capitals?!?! They really pulled out a great overtime win last night against Boston! I DVR’d the game and watched the whole thing after we got home from the LG’s baseball game. So exciting to win a game 7 in overtime but I really wish they would have just wrapped it up in 6. I get so nervous watching them play. Yay for making it to the second round!! Could this really be our year??


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for your cycle, TeeJay. Very thrilling. I've got a couple weeks until I start Lupron shots for my June cycle, and I'm totally ready to get started. Wishing you the very best in the days, months, and years to come! TG

Alex said...

How frustrating that the nurse isn't great at communicating! But this is all very good news!!! I'm so happy that she has so many follies, and your lining is looking good. Everything's on the right path to your baby!!!

someday-soon said...

I know it's hard to let hope back in but really this is the high on the roller enjoy =) Keeping everything crossed that the whole cycle goes like a well coordinated dance!

mommy someday said...

Hi from ICLW - yay Caps! I live right outside of DC so I am a fan as well. :-)

Good luck with your donor cycle!

Rebecca said...

I'm really pulling for you. Good Luck!

April said...

Sounds great so far. Its so hard to wait around for everyone else when you just want to know now! :) Can't believe its almost time already!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't been commenting lately, but I've been reading along on my phone and cheering you on. Fingers crossed for everything to continue to go smoothly!

Augusta said...

A DE cycle leaves so much MORE out of your hands, than an IVF cycle, where the illusion of control comes more easily. You feel entirely dependent on the clinic to keep you in the loop and when they don't, it feels nervewracking. I'm sorry communications have not been ideal with your nurse.

I'm thrilled to read that things are moving along as expected, and that the retrieval is scheduled for just a few days from now. How Exciting!! I think being hopeful and calm is the state to strive for, and if you're already there, then power to you. You are making the best internal conditions for welcoming your little embie.

I'll be watching your blog for updates.

newbie said...

Good for you for staying positive and calm. It's so exciting that your transfer is just around the corner! 26 follicles sounds very promising too!

Keep us posted, will be thinking of you...

Pie said...

Everything is going so well, I think that is a good thing - no reason to be nervous about an awesome response from your donor! But I understand - I'd be nervous too :)

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with this cycle! I hope the 22 year old can keep it together!


MoonNStarMommy said...

YAY on this cycle - I hope that this is YOUR month!!! Hopefully the lack of update means good things!

You two giving up on the wiccan thing?