Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Cycle That Just Won't End

This is by far the longest cycle I have experienced in a very long time. And I don’t mean that the length is long. It’s more like time has decided to stand still. I’m only on CD21 for cryin’ out loud. And, just looking at the calendar, stupid AF is scheduled to show up between my birthday and my anniversary next week. Fun times, I tell ya. Why does she have to ruin everything? And don’t think that I haven’t thought of the possibility that she won’t show. What a great b-day/anniversary present THAT would be. Highly unlikely, but I’m going to live in my fantasy land for a little while longer.

I’m already starting to exhibit signs of her arrival, though. I’m a little weepy (no actual tears, just feeling like I could “go” at any second), a little snippy and starting to get a bit sleepy. I have also noticed my patience is running thin these days. Maybe she’ll show up early since I’m having these symptoms early. That’d be nice. I’d rather her show up before my birthday so that she is gone by our anniversary. Again, fantasy land population – 1.

I’ve been bad on my commenting lately and I have nothing to blame except my job. And it’s not because I’m too busy at work. I’m always a bit busy but I always have time for some quick commenting. They have blocked blogs and personal pages. I don’t know where they get the nerve. I mean seriously, how can I offer my support and my cheerleading if they only give me 10 minute intervals to be on these websites? Sometimes a blog will be opened with half of my comment written for 30 minutes or more while I take time out of my blogging schedule to do actual WORK. :-) I have started writing my entries in Word and then cutting and pasting them to my blog very quickly so that I don’t use up my allotment of time. What a pain. So I apologize for not leaving comments like I normally do. I am reading and I am following along. I don’t spend much time on the computer at home since I sit in front of one all day at work so comments haven’t been flowing like they should from that avenue, either. I will be better...I promise. I like sending little messages to my bloggy buddies.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a very warm and sunny day. Just my kind of day. I can’t wait. I will be skipping the gym tomorrow to do some much needed sidewalk walking and soaking up some vitamin D. As for the weekend, we don’t have much planned. We have baseball Saturday morning and then a b-day party for our nephew Saturday afternoon. I really want to get my hands dirty and plant some flowers and maybe get some edging material for our new landscaping area. It’s supposed to be sunny and in the mid-70’s all weekend so it will be a great time to do some yard work. I would love to get the Little Guy involved as well. I think it’s important that he learn how to work hard and see the work pay off with some beautiful flowers and a sense of accomplishment. It’d be better than playing video games with his dad, that’s for sure. And I might even let him water with my nifty new watering wand thingy. J


Kelly said...

Sorry that you feel like your cycle is never-ending. I hate that!

Enjoy your weekend in the sunshine!

Alex said...

Oh that would suck if my work decided to block anything!!! I totally get it - if I couldn't do this at work, it wouldn't be happening... The very last thing I want to do when I go home at night is get in front of the computer!

Here's hoping that AF will not come by - what a great present that would be!!!

Mel. said...

Sorry your cycle seems to be dragging so much! As always I'm sending vibes your way for a very happy bday/anniversary surprise!

Sounds like a great weekend coming up! Hope you and the Little Guy get to plant lots of beautiful flowers to enjoy all summer!!

someday-soon said...

I hope AF gets lost! Have fun planing flowers this weekend, sounds like fun =)

Pie said...

Hope she comes early - or better yet, not at all! Enjoy the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Boo for work blocking personal pages! That's so lame!
Hope AF shows at a more convenient time for you (or doesn't show at all, haha!) next week. I'm due to start around Monday (I have family coming that evening...of course), but I think AF just waits for the worst possible moments every month to show her face.
Hope you enjoy the lovely weekend! We're doing some planting too :).

AplusB said...

Sorry this cycle is dragging - it always does when we just want to get a move on, right?! My work also blocks personal pages. I can read blogs, but not comment and Wordpress is completely blocked. Very annoying!
Have a good weekend!

Stefanie said...

I'm sorry the cycle is dragging. My work also blog most of the personal pages, except for my blog at this stage.