Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm So Bad....

Not only have I not updated in over a week, but I have hardly had the time to read my fellow bloggers tales. I have just over 60 entries to catch up on. CRAZY! I'm going to give you a quick run down of happenings in my life over the last week:

Thanksgiving - ended up being fine. I missed having the Little Guy around as it was his year to be with his mom and her family. I'm not very good at sharing so it was tough on me. But it all ended up ok as we had a lovely dinner and a nice time with BJ's family.

Black Friday - I woke up at 5:15 and thought to myself and said to BJ that I should just go out and get what I needed since I was awake. He kiboshed (sp?) that because he worries about me and all the crazies out there trying to catch a deal. The result? I didn't get what I wanted when I showed up at the store at 8:00. Bummer. I still managed to spend some money just not on what I had planned.

Weekend - BJ and the Little Guy had their first hunting outing together. I would love to post pictures of how cute they looked in their matching camo outfits, but in the interest of trying to remain a bit anonymous, I can't. They didn't see anything but heard a couple of shots around them. BJ had bought a new blind (a sort of tent for anyone unfamiliar) for them to sit in and I wish I had been there to get a few pictures but I had to settle for just seeing them before they left.

New House - The carpet is in but covered with plastic so no pictures. We had a preliminary walk through Tuesday with the contractor. He's great. I'm hoping he's not just saying all the right things while pulling the wool over our eyes but he seems to be on the up and up. They paved our driveway and are installing our mailbox today. Everything should be cleaned and a final coat of paint will finish things off by early next week! I am impressed with how they are sticking to their timeline. We are due to settle at 11:00am on 12/11. BJ will bring the box truck home from work Thursday (I'm taking off to pack and clean) and we will load it Thursday night. We will also load up my SUV and drive them both to settlement and as soon as we have the keys we are heading to the house to unpack. And let me tell you, he better carry me across the threshold when we first walk in after it is OFFICIALLY our house. I'm sure he will and I can't wait! I will post some pictures of our light fixtures and our driveway probably early next week.

TTC - I am 11dpo today. I have no signs of an implanted embryo. Unfortunately, I have been fighting a headache since late yesterday that leads me to believe the period will actually be starting early. She's not due until next Wednesday but I ovulated on day 10 and I can't trust my body to do anything right anymore. My temps have stayed up, which is good. I'm hoping this is just a regular headache and not a progesterone dropping induced situation. I actually started daydreaming about getting a BFP right when we move into our new house. I picture me wrapping up a positive hpt in some pretty Christmas paper and handing it to BJ one evening while we are alone as an early gift. Or asking him to unpack a box that has only the hpt in cool would that be? I am a good dreamer, aren't I? I know it's possible, just not probable. I so wish that could be the case. I get all giddy just thinking about it. Then I get mad at myself for even thinking such gibberish. It's a merry-go-round of emotions I tell you.

I just got a phone call from our receiving area that I had some flowers! This time last year, my parents sent me a beautiful arrangement of Christmas flowers inside a big red ornament as the vase. I figured that they were the culprits again...not so. My wonderful husband sent me a beautiful Christmas arrangement! I just took a few pictures of it but I don't have my USB to download and share them so it will have to wait until I post the house pictures. I can't stop smiling...and looking at them...and smelling them...and smiling...

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow so I'm leaving work a little early (yay!) and I'm not looking forward to it. The last time I was there I told them that they couldn't take any x-rays because I might be pregnant. It was during my IVF cycle and I was actually only in the stimming stage but I didn't want to radiate anything. I hope they don't remember that. I don't want to have to explain anything or start talking about my TTC efforts and all the questions that will come along...let's hope they don't remember and just take my x-rays and all will be fine.

I have a lot of reading to do so I wish that I had the Internet on my cell phone or a shiny new blackberry or something...I will try to get caught up with everyone over the weekend. If it's not too cold, BJ will be hunting Saturday and that will afford me some time to myself to just sit and read until I can't read anymore.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad the house is still coming along on schedule! We never got to do the fun carrying over the threshold or even a picture in front of our house the day we moved in because the old owners were literally moving out as we moved our stuff in and there was a torrential downpour!

And, ah yes, the dream of how to share the bfp news with your hubby. There are infinite variations and it's so hard to stop yourself from dreaming.
That was so sweet of your hubby to buy you flowers :).