Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lights, Camera....Christmas!

We have moved. I'm very far behind on posting and reading posts. I hate getting behind. The move went relatively smooth. I'm so thankful that BJ has friends and co-workers to help him with the heavy furniture. We have a hard time working together sometimes because the receiver in my brain doesn't always pick up his thoughts, so I'm not sure what he's thinking. I should probably get that fixed. :-)

We have a few dings and scuffs, but all in all, the furniture is in the house! So is all of our crap. We decided to put the tree in the living room so that we could see it, you know, the people that actually live in the house. I put it up last night and put lights on it. We will decorate it tonight with the Little Guy. I'm ready to decorate the whole house now. I won't, of course, because there is so much real work to do as far as unpacking and getting organized. And I promise to post pictures soon. I'm just very busy at work during which is supposed to be a quiet time of year. It's just so hard to believe that we have finally moved in.

I was a good pre-homeowner and called all the utilities and alarm company and scheduled everything to be done by Saturday. We have no TV, no phone, no security monitoring and no Internet. How did that happen? I have been asking myself the same thing since Saturday. The only things that went according to plan was getting the washer and dryer (which I have yet to have time to figure out) and getting the electric switched over. The satellite guy was a goober and refused to put the dish on the roof without something in writing saying that our warranty wouldn't be voided. We have no such paper. After 2 hours I sent him on his way. The phone company never came out to hook up our box. Without the phone box, we have no security system. I got a message on my cell that the Internet won't be turned on until 12/21. BJ decided to deal with the satellite problem and we are hoping to have it straight by Thursday when a different guy shows up to install it. The phone company was supposed to have someone come out by 1:00 today to hook up the phone. Please keep your fingers crossed that this all happens. The TV is the biggest thing. We missed all of our football on Sunday and now we are missing our shows for this week. We don't watch a lot of TV, but we enjoy it for a couple of hours at night and then we fall asleep with it on. Plus, as hard as we worked Thursday through Saturday...I think we deserved some "sit on our butts' time and veg". But we didn't get it because you can only watch so many episodes of Friends in a row on DVD. I love my Friends, but I needed a break.

BJ's company party was Saturday night....and let me tell you....I got lit up. I haven't been drunk in a long time. I've been a little tipsy, but haven't actually been drunk for quite a while. I drank the following in this order: 1 beer, 1 glass of iced tea, 1 jager (sp?) bomb, 1 special Redskins shot, more iced tea, 2 grape bombs and then more tea and I split another grape bomb with someone else. I ate some shrimp, crackers, cheese and 3 crab balls. I was GONE. I didn't get sick and I remember everything, but I was gone for sure. BJ's coworker was buying all these drinks (beer and wine was open bar but drinks were cash) for everyone. The way I put a stop to it....in my drunken state....I took a napkin and drew a "skip" on it...you know the game uno? THAT kind of skip. I knew my limits and I had hit them. So when the drinks started flowing, I just held up my skip card. I never ate the buffet dinner because BJ didn't want to eat at that point in the night so I missed out on some really good food. Plus, I was exhausted so that didn't help matters, either. I hadn't planned on having more than 1 beer because I was the DD. But when BJ's friend's wife said she'd take us home that was all I needed to hear. It was a good time, though. The friend and his wife came back to the house and we showed them around as I was fighting falling asleep. I was a mess....I don't remember BJ getting into bed as I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. Glad I'm not in the 2ww. I didn't even have a hang over (I never have) but BJ sure did. It was hard to get motivated to do anything with the rain and him feeling bad, but like I said above, we can only watch so many episodes of Friends.

I am not temping right now. My thermometer is in a box somewhere so I figure I'll just have to stick to opk's this cycle and hope for the best. I'm on CD 6 today so I will probably start testing Thursday since I was surprised last cycle with a very early ovulation. We were at a restaurant Sunday afternoon and our waitress looked about 4-5 months pregnant. I told BJ that I should be 5 months along by now if our IVF had worked. He just shook his head and stuck to his guns that the clinic is a scam. He has to shield himself that way, and try to stop me from blaming my body. I love him for that but at the same time, I just needed a hug.


Anonymous said...

What's in a grape bomb? It sounds yummy...and dangerous! Glad you had such a good time - you definitely deserve to cut loose after all of your hard work moving. And CONGRATS on that by the way! I hope all of the other stuff gets resolved quickly, so you can get things back to normal.

Lara (NoodleGirl) said...

Phew, a busy week!! Congrats on moving into the house, that's huge!! I hope all the TV and phone stuff gets settled this week and you can really start grooving into your new digs. A way to enjoy yourself in the safe days!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on moving into the house! Moving is such a hassle, I can only imagine the extra stresses of moving at Christmas. Sending you lots of unpacking and organization vibes ;)

The party sounds like so much fun, way to let loose. How did you manage to not get a hangover!!!! Impressive.

C said...


Congratulations on moving into the new house!!!! So awesome! Can't wait to see pictures. I hope everything starts to come together as far as getting things transferred over and set up.

Glad you had fun at the party :)