Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Watch Out for That Bird!

The bird in my title does not refer to the cute little sparrow sitting on your window sill chirping a happy tune in the morning. Nor does it refer to the nasty pigeon or seagull that flies by and drops a nasty little surprise on your new black coat.

The bird in which I am referring to is the one on my right middle finger. As BJ and I were sitting here watching TV the other night I saw one of those dumb jewelry commercials with the mom rocking her new baby and her husband comes in and gives her a gift for their first Christmas as a "family". Then he asks the question, "do you think she'll remember this Christmas?".

My first reaction was to just raise my hand and flip them the bird. Who decided that a man and woman that are together without a child isn't a family? We have the same last name (not all of us, but most of us I think) and are legally bound together as husband and wife. Is that not a family? I don't know who "they" think they are, but they do not have the right to make us feel like a fake or poser family just because we don't have a child. And that guy doesn't even deserve a baby if he thinks she will remember a Christmas in which she was MAYBE 3 months old. Yes, I realize it's just a commercial and it's just supposed to be all sweet and emotional....but come on. I feel like I should start a coalition of Infertile Families that find these things offensive and start a movement to have all of those commercials removed from the airwaves. People claim "discrimination" all the time. Implying that my husband and myself are not a family is discrimination, isn't it? Ok, so that's probably a little overboard, but you get my point.

I think I will start an Infertile Family line of Christmas commercials, though. How about the ornament that states...."Another Christmas Without a Baby". And how excited a woman would be to open a box and see that her husband bought her another round of IVF or IUI treatments? THAT would be a commercial that could bring a tear to my eye. And what about a husband that hangs his specimen cup on the tree after he decorated it for the holidays? The possibilities are endless, really. We could have a gift exchange amongst ourselves...a year supply of OPKs, a shiny new BB thermometer...some left over HCG.

Who wants to draw the first name out of the hat?

I am off today and tomorrow. Today is pack and clean day. Everything that we don't need for dinner tonight and everything we don't need tomorrow morning, will be packed and placed by the back door. BJ is bringing home the box truck after work today and we are going to load as much as we can by ourselves. The Little Guy has basketball tonight so we will lose 2 hours there. We are really hoping to get at least the entire shed loaded and all the boxes I pack today. I have to go to the bank later today and get a check for settlement tomorrow. The check I'm getting would almost pay for 2 more IVF's...ugh. Tomorrow morning we will drive separately to the house for the walk through and then go to closing and then unload everything we packed up today into our new house. It doesn't seem real just yet. We will make another trip back here to get anything else we can carry ourselves. He has a bum shoulder right now and I'm just a weakling so all the heavy stuff will be tackled Saturday morning with his work buddies helping. I will be at the house Saturday waiting for the new washer and dryer and the satellite guy and unpacking. The Little Guy has basketball again on Saturday and we are trying to figure out how to get him there with all of this going on. BJ is supposed to ask his ex to take him but I don't know if he will. He doesn't like asking her for things. Then, to top off the day, we have BJ's company party Saturday night at 7:00. Sunday morning the tree will be going up and getting decorated. There will be more unpacking and organizing Sunday after the Little Guy goes back to his mom. By the time Monday morning comes along I'm going to be a walking zombie. The more I think about it, I need to get going and get packing.

And one more is CD1. Lovely.


Anonymous said...

Oh, cd1 sucks :(. I'm sorry Teejay. I hate having to do anything physical during AF - I usually just want to lay around and watch movies, so I can imagine how thrilled you are about having to pack up and move. It sounds like you are going to have a really busy next few days! Hope you make it through them okay...

And I agree about the commercials - sometimes I just want to yell a big "Eff-you at the screen". It's usually me just being overly sensitive, but sometimes they just hit you the wrong way.

Anonymous said...

obviously I wanted to yell "eff-you", not "eff-you at the screen". I can't type this

Lara (NoodleGirl) said...

Ugh, I'm sorry about CD1, hon. And I HATE that commercial. It reminds me every time of the people who ask me "Where are the kids? You should have 2 by now!" as if there's no possible reason for existence on this earth except to procreate (which I guess some people believe). But the fact that DH and I are late 30s, have been married for a few years and do not have children means one of two things: 1) we don't want them or 2) we want them desperately and have been having problems. Either way, butt the eff out!! A shut up stupid commerical loser-guy.

I hope your moving stuff goes smoother than you hope and that you're able to get a little bit of rest this weekend. Just think, with all the busy-ness, you'll be in your tracking-O phase again before you know it :).

A said...

BLAH about cd1! I'm so sorry. I have seen that commercial, and while I didn't see any birds flying around, I had the exact SAME reaction. It is ridiculous. I am all for the IF hallmark commercials.. "to celebrate another year of paying for fertility medicine and needles instead of diapers and bottles, give you loved one this commemorative sharps box ornament!"


Anonymous said...

Ugh so sorry it's cd 1...that sucks. I hate that commerical. I threw a pillow at it last week.

Focus on your move. Good luck with it!! See you on the other side! :)

Leslie said...

I am sorry that AF had the nerve to show! I hope that your move goes smooth!! Moving is not fun, but it will be so worth it once you are settled in your new house!!

Anonymous said...

What a schedule! Sorry about cd1, but just think, on the next ovulation, you'll be through this stretch. Here's hoping all goes smoothly. Looking forward to reading about the new place.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the move!! I agree with PP, you will be done with the move for your next ovulation. That's a good thing!

I would love to see your IF commercials and buy your IF products ;) We are an unrepresented minority!