Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How Do You Want Those Eggs?

Holy moly....My body is in hyper drive again. As I stated yesterday, I'm not temping this cycle (even though I found my thermometer in my purse and not a box as I had thought) I'm just going to be using the opk's. I had some watery CM yesterday...CD6. It continued into the night and this morning. I figured it was a good sign that I will probably ovulate on CD11 or 12. Low and behold when I went to the bathroom at work this morning (after my YUMMY Gingerbread Latte) there was a ton of EWCM! Goodness, why can't I figure my body out?

So I figure that either A) I will ovulate tomorrow or Friday since I don't get much of the EWCM anymore pre-ovulation, B) I will ovulate today...CD7, or C) I might actually be getting back to a regular cycle and have a few days of EWCM since it's so early in my cycle.

I'm really hoping for option C. I know that if I ovulate this early in my cycle, the egg would be nowhere near mature and that is not a good thing. So let's all start chanting "op-tion C!, op-tion C!", shall we? I'm going to POAS (of the opk kind) a little later to see if I can get a better idea of what is going on.

We had our first real dinner in the new house last night. BJ grilled up some steaks and we baked some potatoes and had a salad. It was an interesting seating arrangement since we have yet to buy the kitchen table we picked out months ago, but it worked out well. We bought a fold down table with 2 stools to "stage" our old house as having an eat-in kitchen so the Little Guy and I sat there while BJ sat at a TV tray with one of the chairs from the old kitchen table. It was quite a sight.

We decorated the tree, although we didn't use the amount of ornaments we usually do as we just wanted to get it up and done. I have decided that I HEART my fireplace. I've never had one and we turned it on last night for about 2 hours. The heat was wonderful! I'm always cold, especially my hands and feet so having the heat of the fireplace was dreamy. I didn't even need my slippers. The cat loves it too. Not sure if I have blogged about my cat, but yes I have one. I will write about her more another time. She's my baby and she loves her new home, too.
I'm going to try and seduce BJ tonight either by the fire or in a candle-lit bedroom after my very first bubble bath in my HUGE tub. If I am about to ovulate and if there is the teeniest, tiniest chance that it's a mature egg, I have to try and catch it. This is of course if I'm not too wiped out from trying to figure out the new washer, which will get used for the first time tonight as we are just about out of clean clothes.

Oh, and we have phone service, the satellite guy and the security guy are both coming tomorrow between 12:00 and 4:00...fingers crossed that we will have everything straight by tomorrow night! And thank you everyone for your support during my crazy antics of moving and are the best!


Anonymous said...

I'm rooting for Option C!

Your first dinner in the house sounds lovely :). I still remember our first dinner in our first apt. after we got married - we sat on the floor and set a tablecloth over a box. DH lit a candle and we had steaks with a mushroom sauce and asparagus with red wine! I guess steaks is the meal of choice for first dinners :).

Good luck with the rest of your service appts - hope they all show up on time and get everything done.

And, the fireplace sounds wonderful!

A said...

Good luck with the seduction! I know you can do it :)