Monday, June 11, 2012

Proud Moments

I’d like to take this opportunity to boast about my step-son a little bit. Well, a lot, actually. He’s definitely not perfect and we are struggling in some areas, but overall he’s a really good kid and he deserves some props.

He had his 5th grade graduation/recognition ceremony on Friday. As the administrator was detailing the criteria for the President’s Award for Academic Excellence I leaned over and whispered to BJ that I bet the LG will get that. And sure enough they called his name! He maintained a 3.5 (or better) GPA and excelled at math and/or reading throughout the year. He definitely had the grades for it. He always get all A’s and only 1-3 B’s on his report cards and he’s in the honors math and reading classes. It was awesome to see him up on the stage with the other kids holding the award. He has signed up for honors classes next year in middle school, too. His teacher is confident that he’ll be able to handle it. I sure hope so because he’s a very smart kid when he slows down and pays attention to the details.

Last Saturday at his baseball game he found his swing and his power. He hit his first ever home run! This home run was not the result of the other team over throwing bases, either. This was a bon-a-fide, well hit, perfectly placed homerun. That ball sailed into left field and the kid ran after it and the LG was already rounding 3rd by the time he threw the ball in. His next at bat was just as exciting. He cracked the ball to right field and it sailed just like the first one. This one ended up being a triple! It was so exciting and he was so proud of himself. All of his coaches (and us) have always tried to help him with his swing and his stance because we just knew he could do stuff like that. He has so much potential. He’s pitched a few times this year, too and done very well. He has the best arm (strength and distance) on the team, by far. He just needs to work on his accuracy. He gets flustered pretty easily and then starts making mistakes, like many people when they flustered and stressed and feel pressure. We always try to calm him down and get him to “shake it off” but it doesn’t always work. His team played the first game in the tournament this past Saturday and he had another couple of good hits. He could have had another homerun thanks to a line drive hit to center field but the 3rd base coach held him up at 3rd because he misjudged where the ball was. Oh well, it was still great. Since the team had a lead that the other team couldn’t overcome (mercy rule of 5 runs per inning) the coach put him in to pitch. As he was warming up I was privy to this conversation between our coach and the other head coach.

Other coach – I see what you mean.

Our coach – I told you…just work on his mechanics and he’ll be a rock solid pitcher.

Other coach – He has quite the arm.

Game 2 of the tournament is tomorrow…if they win they will head to the championship game on Thursday!

Our assistant coaches all see the potential, too. He just has to keep his head in the game and not get so upset with himself. His coach called him a natural. Wow. He is the only kid on his team that can throw the ball from left field to right field (and even 1st base) with hardly any effort at all. It’s amazing to watch and I sure hope he keeps playing and working on his craft.

I received an e-mail Thursday from his coach stating that the coaches of all the teams have been asked to identify 4 players that they think should try out for the All-Star team. The LG has been chosen! He will try out on Wednesday evening. I’m so excited for him. He’s also very excited because he’s never been chosen before so this is very special. Fingers crossed that he makes the team. Like I said, he gets frustrated pretty easily so hopefully the pressure doesn’t get to him and he shows everyone what he can really do. Either way, I hope he’s proud of himself (just like we are) that he was chosen to try out.


Alex said...

I love how proud you are of Little Guy!!! He's a pretty cool kid - and very lucky to have you in his life...

someday-soon said...

Smart and talented, go LG! Good luck Wednesday, hope try outs go well =)