Thursday, January 26, 2012


I am spending way too much time on the internet scouring blogs and forums looking for information on donor egg cycles. Thanks to my friend Pie I now know that I will be taking regular Lupron and not Depot Lupron. I also did more reading on that and it seems that is the norm. I’m not sure why I’ve read that a woman is taking DL prepping for a transfer when it seems most people just take regular Lupron. That’s a good thing because regular Lupron is covered by my insurance. Score 1 for me.

I’ve found out that the length of time from when a donor is chosen to when she has her ER can be anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks...yikes. I know it takes time to synch cycles and what not but geez, it’s still all about the waiting game isn’t it? Plus, we are sharing our donor so it might even be a longer wait.

I’ve learned that BJ and I will probably have to have psych exams to make sure we are ready for this and that we understand what this means. Like I’ve said before, I think I’m mentally ready for this. I don’t long for a biological attachment as much as I long to be pregnant and nurture a growing baby with my body. I know that there won’t be any less love in our house. My only concern comes from telling the child. Doing it gently at a young age sounds good but what happens when my fear takes over? The fear that the child will want to know its “real” mother eventually. I’m sure these are some of the things that the donor counselor will explore with us.

I read a post about a woman that has “unusual” hair (whatever that means). She said she shares that hair with her father or grandfather or something like that. She had twins via donor egg and she said that one of her children has begun to show signs of this “unusual” hair. It is believed that it is a blood-borne issue. How cool is that? To know that there might actually be some genetic link after all is amazing to me.

I keep trying to think up questions to ask the Almighty because I can’t get all of this out of my head. I get butterflies thinking about the possibilities. I want to talk about it all the time but that is not I come here to write and I bring it up with BJ every once in a while. He brings it up with me, too. We have a lot short conversations that begin with “if you/we have a baby....”. It’s fun. It’s scary. It’s like I’ve been thrust backward to the very first days of TTC. In those days, I was checking out nurseries and baby products and stuff like that online. Today, I’m looking for information on donor egg cycles. It’s not the same but it feels very similar inside. I want to submerge myself in all things baby/donor egg. I’m glad our appointment is next week(!!!) so we can (hopefully) begin the process of bringing home a baby. Just the thought of that makes my heart skip a beat.


Rebecca said...

I've actually heard of similar things with blood borne traits. One gal using donor eggs thought it was rather odd that one of the twins she was carrying looked a lot like her sister.

I wish you all the best.

I informed one of RE's this morning during the transfer that next time I'm going with donor eggs. If I'm lucky enough to get this one to stick I want it to have a sibling. IF it doesn't stick I'll be making the first one using donor eggs. Some how I'll get my family!!!

I'll be following your journey.

Pie said...

Awww, thanks for the shout-out. Glad I could help. Just a thought, most donor egg cycle protocols end very similarly to FET protocols. So while the syncing up part might be a touch different (longer suppression?), the priming for transfer is generally like a FET - same concept if you think about it. Getting prepared to transfer an embryo without having retrieval right before it.

I have to say, it makes me so happy to hear (read?) how excited you are. Clearly this is the right choice for you and BJ, and that just makes me smile. :)

someday-soon said...

It's fantastic to hear the excitement in your words =)

newbie said...

I'll be interested in reading about your donor egg journey, as I may be right behind you! So glad you're getting excited about it, I think it's a great option for those of us who can conceive with our own eggs.