Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

So sorry I've been away.  I'm sure most of you are pretty busy as well so I'm sure you understand.  I'm going with a quick rundown of the last week or so just to get everyone caught up.  And for those of you who are mainly interested in my TTC journey...today is CD1.

Last weekend - we shopped and shopped and didn't get a tree.  I found one that I thought would do just fine but the husband was unsure.  I decided to make an executive decision and get it Tuesday when I was off work and he would just have to live with it.  I did most of the Thanksgiving shopping but came home without a turkey.  They didn't have one big enough if you can believe that.

Tuesday - I was off work and we had the plumber come over and fix the sink and the drywall guys were there fixing nail pops and I was a cleaning machine.  And then I was a turkey buying machine.  I went to another grocery store and bought a fresh turkey, never frozen.  Still didn't buy the tree because I saw an ad that the tree would be $40 cheaper on Thanksgiving.  Told the husband I was going out early Thursday to make sure I could get it.

Wednesday - The Little Guy and I baked and prepped for many hours.  It was great and he was great.  Very willing to help and even kept asking what else needed to get done.  Love that Little Guy.  He and I went to lunch and decided to see how many of our tree they had in stock.  It would be my luck that I waited and then they didn't have it Thursday.  The sales guy had to go to the back to check and he eventually came out with the LAST ONE in multi colored lights!  I said screw the $40 we are getting this tree now.  So I did.

Thursday - Did minimal cooking.  Only had the pie to bake and the turkey to roast and the potatoes to mash.  By 1:00 we were sitting around with nothing to do but wait for our guests.  It was great.  The dinner was wonderful and my turkey was the best I've ever made!  Clean up was a snap as we used disposable plates.  We only had to clean the serving dishes.  We made the decision to not stuff the turkey and it was the best thing.  The turkey cooked faster and more evenly and the stuffing from the oven was great because I added some chicken stock before baking.  My mashed potatoes didn't have any lumps, either!  Go me!  I rocked that Thanksgiving dinner.  :-)

Friday - We began decorating the house, inside and out.  We had glitter all over everything, even us, from head to toe.  The lights went up, the mantel was decorated, the columns were wrapped in red ribbon and then it happened.  We hated the LED lights we put up outside.  We went with cool white instead of warm white...big mistake.  They didn't match the mini lights we had on the porch.  So we took them down and planned on getting some regular lights.

Saturday - We did some more decorating and we put up our new tree.  BJ went hunting and the Little Guy and I fluffed all the branches and plugged it in and fell in love with it.  Yes, it's thin, but it fits the space and it has a LOT of lights which is my main concern.  Then the Little Guy and I went to the festival of trees that benefits the local hospice.  There were about 60 beautiful trees to look at.  I love going and I haven't gone the passed couple of years so it was good to start again and have the Little Guy with me.  Although he began to lose interest about half way through.  After dinner we put ornaments on the tree and now we love it even more.  I just have to find a new topper as I seem to have lost our Angel.  Hmph.

Sunday - Put away all the decorations and lights that we didn't use and put up the new mini lights that I bought and now the house looks wonderful.  I just need something for the foyer window.  I'm thinking a wreath with a red bow.  BJ hit the hunting trail again so the Little Guy and I went to see Tangled.  We loved it.  We laughed so much.  I highly recommend this movie.  Very touching and it sort of makes you realize that sometimes dreams can come true.

So there you have it.  I was very busy on all my days off but it was still wonderful not to come to work.  The food turned out fantastic and everyone had a great time and now my house is decorated for Christmas.  I'm feeling completely different from this time last year and I'm thankful for that.  I'm not happy that AF showed her nasty face.  Especially since she sort of tricked me.  My temp dropped Friday morning but then was back up Saturday and Sunday morning and only 1 tenth of a degree below the coverline yesterday so I must admit, I was having some hopes.  Then of course there she is this morning.  Reminding me that I'm still not pregnant.  I'm glad she stayed away over my long weekend but I really wish she would have stayed away for about 9 months.  Onto another cycle and another round of hopes.  The cycle never ends.


A said...

I loved hearing about your cooking and entertaining- it sounds like you hosted a wonderful day!! I am just now getting into the decorating spirit- CD1 for me was the day after Thanksgiving and didn't do anything to launch me into the Christmas spirit :-P

Alex said...

I'm so very impressed with your week - nice job!!! Sounds like Thanksgiving was wonderful.

I'm so very sorry about AF - she sucks...

Mr Lonely said...

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someday-soon said...

So productive!!! I don't have one single decoration up...so jealous =)

Pie said...

Wow - I want to see pics of this Xmas decoration extravaganza! Then, can you come over to my house too? It sounds so pretty!

And the turkey sounds great! I never stuff mine either, it really does come out better.

Poop to CD1. Grrr.