Tuesday, October 27, 2009

House Pictures

These pictures were taken over the 4 days it took them to frame our house. Yes, that's right...only 4 days. Amazing. It was so exciting to drive there after work every day and see the changes that took place over the previous 24 hours.

This is the view from the front door. The first room on the left is the office/study. It will be closed in and have glass french doors. It was supposed to be all open and used as a formal living room but we need a place for our computer desk and so we changed things around a little. the next room on the left is the dining room. I have never had a formal dining room so this is very exciting for me. The next room on the left is the kitchen. The right side of this hallway consists of a powder room, the entrance to the garage, the staircases up and down and the family room is around the corner to the right. Straight ahead is the kitchen eating area. We are planning on getting a really unique table for this space since it's not that big and we need to be able to open the back door that leads out to the deck. I will post pictures of the table once we actually get it. We love it because it's pretty and because we have never seen a table like it anywhere. We checked online and it's definitely out there, but I think because it's so different not a lot of people have one like it.

Here is the view from the front door with the drywall up. Quite a difference. And now it looks like a HOUSE!

Here's my formal dining room. And I can't wait to tackle putting up a nice window treatment. There will be a chair rail around the room. The bottom will be painted white/off white and I'm going to do the top in a deep "roasted pepper" red. I love the way that looks. I'm not normally a formal/fancy kind of gal, but this is going to be the first time I've been able to really decorate a house so I want to make it look really nice.

Here is my kitchen. See that pantry? Never had one of those, either. Can't wait to be able to buy a month's worth of green beans to just HAVE them on the shelf!

And how exciting is our bathroom? This bathroom is about 3 times the size of my previous bathroom. Never had a master bath. And not only do we have double sinks, but we each have our own vanity. So that means we don't have to bicker about the toothpaste in the sink or the spittle on the faucet! And I love the windows by the tub. You can't see them both but they meet in the corner and create a very nice view of the backyard and the trees.

Since it's getting darker earlier and it was cloudy yesterday, this is hard to see, but we have SIDING! It looked much better in person but my flash is too small to really light up the side of the house. It's raining today so there won't be any outside work done. I'm leaving early to go to my thyroid appointment and will swing by in the hopes that they might have gotten more accomplished but mainly to get a picture of the siding in the day light.


Pie said...

Wow! It is coming along so quickly - you'll be all moved in before you know it! It really is a lovely house - and I envy you that pantry. I've always wanted one of those!

Anonymous said...

So much progress! Love a big bathroom.

Anonymous said...

The house looks amazing! Really moving along quickly, too.

Just lovely :). I love the bathroom and kitchen, and the layout is really nice.

C said...

So glad to have found your blog. Love your new house pictures! All the best with your upcoming appointment!

Lara (NoodleGirl) said...

Oooh, so nice!! It's so exciting to see it from the ground up, literally! It's amazing they'll have it ready for you in 6 weeks!