Monday, July 23, 2012

Welcome to ICLW

Hello and welcome!  If you found my blog through the main list then you know that I am currently just over 13 weeks pregnant via egg donor.  You can read a brief history of my journey on the sidebar to your right.  I’ve waited a really long time to get to where I am right now and I could not be happier to be pregnant.  It’s definitely been a long and rough road but I feel like I’m in a good place right now.  Well, except for those moments when I get scared that something has gone horribly wrong.  Thankfully, those moments are not that common.

I am a step-mother to a great kid that I refer to as the Little Guy.  He’s 11 and going in to the 6th grade this Fall!  Wow!  He’s growing up so fast.  Step-parenting is not easy.  I love it, but it definitely has its challenges.  I write about that from time to time and would actually like to start writing more about it because it is a huge part of my life.

My husband, whom I refer to as BJ, is almost 40 so this will be our only child together.  We tried for almost 6 years to get pregnant and now that we are I’m seeing a new side of him and I really like it.  I can’t wait for him to hold this baby in his arms.  I just know that I will melt.  I melt just thinking about it.

I had my first trimester screening last week and all seems to be well with the baby.  My blood work came back Friday afternoon and my odds of a Down Syndrome child are about 1 in 490.  I was worried about that because the NT measurement was 2.5mm.  I did some research (I can’t stay off the Internet with this kind of stuff) and as it turns out, the time to start worrying would be if the blood work came back with 1 in 250 or less.  We are almost double that so I’m feeling pretty good about our results.  Plus, our donor was 22 and that helps to ease my mind a bit, too.

We attended my husband’s niece’s 5th birthday party on Saturday.  My SIL pretty much told everyone in attendance that we are expecting and so the congratulations and the hugs were flying around pretty much as soon as we walked in the door.  It was nice, but very strange to be the recipient of such things after all this time.  I almost felt like asking people to whisper or to not to get too excited because it’s still so early…the Infertile in me tries to take away the good moments sometimes.  I didn’t do any of those things.  I talked about my morning sickness that doesn’t happen in the mornings and how tired I am and how I can’t wait for the baby to move and how I can’t eat white meat chicken or green vegetables…it was surreal to say the least.  I mean, here I am talking about MY pregnancy with other women.  I never thought I’d get this opportunity so I’m relishing each and every moment.

I’m just so amazed that such a medical miracle can take place and even more amazed that God has allowed for me to experience this.  I really hope and pray that things keep going so well because I love this baby more than I ever thought possible.

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Happy blogging and happy ICLW!


someday-soon said...

WOO-HOO on the b/w!!! So happy to hear that. Enjoy every single moment of pregnancy, it's amazing how fast it goes. I melt when I think about YOU holding that baby =)

Anonymous said...

Hi from ICLW #54! What great news, i absolutely love reading about ladies kicking IF's arse so go you! Look forward to following your pregnancy!

Jenny said...

Hello from ICLW. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'm also a stepmother but I'm rather new to it, so I'm looking forward to reading about your experiences. :)

Alex said...

So happy things continue to go so well for your pregnancy!!!

Rebecca said...

I am so very happy to read that you are progressing nicely into the second trimester. This bodes well for a healthy baby. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers that things continue to go smoothly.